Foundation Garden

Garden Maintenance

Donations for the maintenance and continued care for the church garden can be made in the deposit box on the side door of the church.

Interested in helping out? We usually meet in the garden on the first Tuesday of the month at 9am. Call or text Jane at 905-983-9861 if you’d like more information. All genders, ages, and abilities are welcome! Please bring your own tools. May – November.


Garden History

The Foundation Garden has been built, planted and tended by many hands. The garden’s history begins with funds donated by Elizabeth Staples to Tyrone Church for a stained glass window in memory of her grandson, Otho Staples, who died in action in the First World War. In 1926, the Church Board decided to build a much-needed metal and concrete shed with the funds, and the stained glass window was not to be.

The shed was used to shelter horses and carriages during church services (please take note of the tie rings in the concrete walls). From 1947 to 1950, the shed was used as an ice-skating rink. Some people remember church suppers and dances in the shed and even a greased pig contest!

In 1952, the shed roof was sold. It was dismantled and reassembled to be used as a barn on a local farm for the next 50 years. The foundation remained and was unused for many years.

Beginning in August 2000, more than 100 volunteers made generous donations of time, materials and vision to create what you see today. This is truly a community garden, built on the past, recognizing the present, and growing into the future.